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Snake Trike

What is Snake Trike?

Snake Trike is the new minimal trike: light, practical, economical, and within everyone’s reach! It obviously complies with the safety features that distinguish all our products.

It is made up of an upper mast in double 6082 t6 alloy tube, diameter 47 x 1.25 external / diam. 44 x 1.25 internal and a lower mast always in double tube. The two masts are connected to each other by means of pre-painted steel sleeves with a diameter of 50 × 1.5 mm.

A small trellis, also in steel, supports the two masts (the upper one can be folded up) and the rear landing gear, formed by two bars in Ergal 7075 with a diameter of 25 mm.

The sleeves are fixed to the pipes by means of two screws (per sleeve) with a diameter of 6 mm in steel 8.8.

We also carried out static load tests at 6 g with a 90 kg rider.

1900 mm
2180 mm
1340 mm
10 l
32 Kg

The main advantage of the Snake Trike is that it can be assembled in no time and can be folded and stored in the car. This feature allows you to take it anywhere, without the need for hangar.

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