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In flight for thirty years

Our History

The experience gained by Giuseppe and the desire to create led him to design and build the first firefox and founded Eurofly srl at the end of the 1980s. Firefox is a source of great satisfaction and sales in the first years even reach a couple of ultralights per month.

The company grows and many other ultralights and many other types of products are designed together with Firefox.

It was in the seventies that Giuseppe Baggio, with a great passion for flying, experimented with his first flights with a self-built Leonardino. The Leonardino was an experimental implementation of the Rogallo wing that was invented for the reentry of spacecraft. In practice it was a sort of what we now call a motorized hang glider and the stability of the vehicle was linked to the fact that the center of gravity was very low compared to the wing. The engine was generally that of the Volkswagen “Maggiolino”.

What is Eurofly today


Today Eurofly srl is a dynamic company that is always attentive to customer needs and the evolution of the market. The ultralights that we build are made with great attention to detail and in full compliance with the safety standards that today the regulations of the ulm world require. Their evolution in the field of free flight has in fact stimulated the company in the search for the most innovative solutions, thus leading to an optimization of the airfoils, the choice of better materials and the use of cutting-edge technological solutions. The result was that of a better performance in the flight envelope.

That’s why our aircraft have excellent performance and high reliability.